The introduction of dancing "Kuda Kepang" in the dance Reog

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Reog is one of the existing art in the East Java Sea and the western-Ponorogo regarded as the true home town Buffalo. In this region, the culture is still strong with the things associated with witchcraft and the ability to prove them (the people Ponorogo) and Religion / Mysticist very strong.
Basically Ponorogo community to follow what their ancestral heritage as a very rich cultural inheritance. In his experience art Reog is the creation of creative people who formed the belief that there is flow from generation to generation and preserved. Ceremony were the conditions that are not easy for the public to supply the absence of a clear line of descent. profess their family lineage and customary law are still valid

Reog Arts theater

Reog is usually performed in a number of modern special event such as marriage, circumcision and days of national celebration. Reog Arts Ponorogo consists of a series of 2 to 3 opening dance. The first dance is usually presented by 6-8 with a brave young man wore a black, red disolek face. The dancer depicts the figure of a lion is brave. Next is a dance that brought the 6-8 girls who ride horses. To reog tradition, the dancer is usually carried by men dressed in female dancers. This dance is called the propriety of teaching dance, which should be distinguished from other arts such as dancing kuda kepang.
Other opening dance where there is usually a dance by children who bring the funny scenes.
After the opening dance ended, then the basic dance danced dances depending on reog danced. If related to marriage, the love scenes will be displayed. For the ceremony circumcision / uncircumcision, usually a story of heroes is danced.
Reog art scene in accordance with the rules is usually not a fixed scenario. Here the frequent interaction between the player and the puppeteer (usually the leader of the delegation) and sometimes with the audience. Sometimes a player who was a stage to be replaced by another player when the players are exhausted. The more important in the staging of reog art is to give satisfaction to the audience.
The last scene is a lion barong, in which the perpetrator wore a mask-shaped head of a lion with a crown made of peacock feathers. The weight of the mask is able to reach 50-60 kg. The weight of the mask is carried by the dancers using the teeth. The ability to bring the mask is obtained with the other weight training, is also believed to be obtained with spiritual practices like fasting and asceticism.

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