Barongan dance effects in the "Kuda Kepang" game

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Dance Barongan

Barongan dance is a folk dance depicting the stories of the days of the Prophet Sulayman the animals can talk. Allegedly, a tiger was seen a peacock which is developing its tail. When saw the tiger, the peacock was jumping on the heads of tigers, and both continue to dance.
Suddenly, a savior named Garong procession accompanying the Princess Royal who was riding past in the area. Seeing the animals dancing, Civil and went down from his horse and beast danced together before. This dance continues to be practiced and can be seen in Batu Pahat, Johor and Selangor. Among the musical instruments used to accompany dances Barongan the gongs, drums, and gamelan.
Barongan dance is believed to grow in Malaysia around 1722, the Java community in Malaysia. When the government of Riau-Lingga destroyed, the man moved to Johor state of Malaysia and develop a variety of Malay culture in Malaysia.
Indonesia considers the country as a mimic Buffalo Barongan dance from Ponorogo because both have the exact same dance and the main mask peacock sudden, a tiger head mask on which there is peacock feathers. It is opposed by people who think the immigrants Ponorogo based in Malaysia, which has adopted their own artistic culture long before the existence of Indonesia, as a thief.
Sudden shape also resembles a peacock kavadi brought the Hindu festival Taipusam time.

Dance Barongan also interesting because there are traditional dances Horse Barongan after dance.This is because the "Dancing Horse" (Kuda Kepang) is believed to be a way to attract people's attention when developing the teaching of Islam in Java. With the traditional dances Horse Barongan after dancing may represent evidence of the importance Barongan dance in Islam when it spread

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