"Kuda Kepang" game moving

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"Kuda Kepang" game moving equipment comprises:
  • five angklung
  • a drum
  • some gong
  • at least nine horses
  • a sprint
Rope length of 100 feet (30 meters).
Angklung is a square made of bamboo and rattan, and played by shaking and shake the bamboo. The combination of high-pitched sound from a small bamboo and the sound echoed from a large bamboo produces beautiful and interesting sounds.

Leban drum made of wood and cow skin, while the binder is made of rattan. This drum beat to the rhythm of a certain diameter of about three feet. Gong comfort yet the music accompaniment. Sprint is made of two bamboo spun into a rope. Sprint function is to direct and control the game, the horses moving dancers. In addition, the tool is important is that the horse is made from cow skin and shaped like a horse and painted red, white, or gray. The rope used to make a fence to prevent the drunken dancers from wandering and to facilitate control shaman dance.

How to play

"Kuda Kepang" moving normally performed in the open or on the big stage. Before the dance begins, shaman to burn incense and recite incantations to give power to the horses. He uses raw eggs, flowers, grass and water for the presentation.

Controlled by a "danyang" is swinging the whip to determine the pace of the dance, each dancer will ride on their horses. When the music began to resonate, dancers, led by "danyang" They must go to court. Rhythmic music begins slowly and somewhat boring. Each dancer will ride and drive horses as determined by the pattern of tempo and rhythm of the song.

When the music became faster, the horses will trot faster. Sometimes the organizers will stretch fabric to the player passing sly. Dancers can do strange movements like the martial arts and unusual jump around six feet tall, and so forth. While the dancers in that case, sounds that accompanied this dance will be more vigorous. They claimed that if the music is not catchy tunes, dancers will be pounced on a music player or kick a horse-like being angry.

Dancers danced for two hours until a state of hallucination, mesmerized by the power of their movements. When drunk, they would sometimes dream of riding a true while dancing to the accompaniment of music. Because of that, they try to catch the music. This is called "rose sheik. " If it is increasingly wild and uncontrollable, Shaman would direct guards are stationed at each corner of the court to arrest and lay them on the ground, and so will read the shaman spell to restore them.

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