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Initially, according to history, the art of "Kuda Kepang" was born as a symbol that people also have the ability (superiority) in the face of the enemy or against the power elite who have the royal army. In addition, also as a medium for presenting entertainment that cheap but the phenomenal to the people at large.

Above is one of the stanza tune of "dangdut Rhoma's" Rhythm of the game that inspired folk art, dance "horse braid", which is still grown in many communities in the archipelago.

Traditional dances that are played on a "no pattern" by the common people has been born and liked the community, especially in Java, since the ancient kingdoms doeloe tempo.

Now, the art "Kuda Kepang" still be a show that is enough to make the hearts of the audience captivated. Although the existence of these cultural relics began to compete strictly by the entry of foreign art and culture to their homeland, the dance still showed high attraction. Until now, we do not know who or where that sparked community groups (creating) "Horse braid" was first. In fact, art "Kuda Kepang" found in many areas and each recognizes the arts as one of their traditional culture. Including, pointed out some time ago, recognized also by the people of Johor in Malaysia as its own in addition to Reog Ponorogo. The phenomenon spread of the art of "Kuda Kepang" in various places, with various and pattern, can be an indicator that the art culture that seemed full of magic is back "on the rise" as a cultural art which should be noted as an original Indonesian art.

Whipped, Eat glass (broken glass / mirrors / cups / plates etc) and sprinkles of Fire

I do not know what can make the players is like a man possessed. Judging from the way his game, the dancers like lumping horse has tremendous power, even seem to have supernatural powers. Art of dance that uses a fake horse made of woven bamboo and accompanied by gamelan music such as gongs, kenong, percussion and trumpet it, was able to make the audience impressed by any attractions penunggan (dancer) "The horse braid". Remarkably, dancers horse "horse braid" of the original traditional generally played by girls who dress like a soldier boy kingdom. Currently, players "Kuda Lumping" more acted by boys.

The sound of a prod (whip) of the players who deliberately imposed this art, became the beginning of the game and the entry of a mystical power that can eliminate the consciousness-players. With the climb of woven bamboo horses, horse rider who was given his ankles began to rattle this prancing, jumping up rolling on the ground. In addition to jumping, horse dancers did lumping other attractions, like eating glass and peel the coconut with his teeth. Glass (glass) that is eaten is the usual light bulb as the lights of our homes. He avidly ate like a shard of people starving, do not wince in pain and no blood at the time he ate the glass-shard.

When viewed from the overall game lumping horse, sound prod endless series of attractions that appear to dominate. Presumably, any prod by sipenunggang against itself, which is on foot or other body parts, will give a magical effect. That is, when the crack length of woven rattan and on the feet and swung his body, the dancer lumping horse will feel stronger, more powerful, more Digdaya. Generally, in that condition, he will increasingly wild and the power of doing things and not abstruse absurd healthy normal humans.

Lively and festive games lumping horse becomes more complete with a display of flame attraction. Bursts of fire coming out of the mouths of the other players, beginning with gasoline accommodate in their mouth and then sprayed on a fire that burns in a small sprig of iron which ends made in such a manner so that fire does not die before and after petrol was sprayed from his mouth. In lumping horse game, another meaning that is contained is the color. The colors are very dominant in this permaian namely: red, white and black. The red color symbolizes the courage and spirit. The white color symbolizes purity which is in the heart is also thought to reflect on all five senses so that it can serve as a role model in black.

As an attraction full of mystical and dangerous, dance "horse braid" done under the supervision of a "supernatural leadership." Usually, this leader is a person who has a high unseen which can restore the dancer back to consciousness as usual. He is also responsible for the way of attractions, as well as heal pain experienced by the players lumping horse if something undesirable and cause illness or injury to the dancer. Therefore, although regarded as a folk game, "horse braid" can not be played by just anyone, but must be under the direction and supervision of the leadership.

Need to Keep Maintained and Developed

Broadly speaking, so much art and culture in Indonesia familial inherited from ancestors of Indonesia until the current generation. Now, we as a successor to the nation is the heir of the art of traditional culture as they must keep and maintain it properly. Our task is to maintain and develop it, so from day to day is not vanished and disappeared from the artistic treasures of our society.

One thing we must be aware that Indonesia is still colonized until now with the influx of foreign culture that tries to get rid of local cultures. Therefore, we as the future generation rose up together to bring back culture since ancient extinct there and not to swallow the modern age. To that end, the Government and the community is expected to continually exploring what cultural back until now hardly heard from again, to then re-developed and preserved cultural values of Indonesia.

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